This section explains what data we collect, how we collect it, why and what control you have over data that we have collected.

It relates to data we collect via this web site, telephone and WhatsApp conversations, social media channels, and third-party marketing portals.  We may have collected data from you via other activities and web sites we have been involved in or promoted which may not contain the name Morgan Leyzan Limited but at the time were either partially or totally controlled by us.

We may not always be able to identify the exact source where you contacted us, but at any time you do contact us we will (if requested to do so) remove your data from (our) systems).

As we are continually improving our systems for data collection and use this policy may change as we change the may we feature equipment or offer it for sale.  We therefore recommend you visit the page to ensure you are up to date with our privacy policy.

Any questions relating to privacy and use of data can be directed to craig@morganleyzan.com and we will do everything we possibly can to address your concerns and questions.



By contacting us through any third-party portal we use for advertising purposes, or through our web site, social media channels or any other form of communication, you agree unconditionally to the terms and conditions set out here, and also displayed on any third-party portal or channel you have used to make contact with us.



However your enquiry reaches us it is likely that you will be asked to submit information, usually basic information such as name, company name, email and telephone number in much the same way as the sign up box on this site.  One that information is received from a third-party marketing site, or sent to us via social media or any other means, we trat that data exactly the same as if we had collected it ourselves.

You may be asked to “connect” with employees of this company, and to that extent we are also collecting further data which may be available from your social media profiles. 



In the event that we trade with you, or you require more in depth information from us, we may ask for further information which we classify as sensitive such as your address, bank details, reference numbers and other material required for transactions.  Parts of this information are in the public domain and are not personal, therefore GDPR does not apply, however we will not share any data without your consent.

Sensitive  information (as above)  is not used by us for marketing, and will only be used for the purpose intended either immediately or in the future.


General information such as your telephone / WhatsApp number, email address, social media contact points and alike may be used to contact you with information regarding future offers.  By any channel you can opt out of one or all by simply letting us know that you know longer wish to hear from us from that means, or another, or all means.

You will receive a notification through that channel confirming that your details have been deleted and will not be used again unless you request us to with a new request.  You may have to repeat this exercise if we contact you from more than one channel / means of communication.



We do not share your data with any third party, unless you request us to do so for contractual purposes or to fulfil an order you have placed with us / via us.  This may be a transport company or shipping agent that is involved (or may be) with an offer or sale we have offered to you.

The sole purpose of retaining your data is to share offers either now or in the future which we believe may be of interest to you / your company.  We do not and would never sell your information, rent it out or share it other than for the purposes already mentioned.

Third party social media platforms, marketing sites and others which you use may also collect data from you, which you have provided.  We have no control over that data retention and you should check with the relevant party as regards their own policies.

All data provided to us is securely stored either under electronic or hard copy means.



The regulations covering data storage, state that any organisation processing data must have a legal basis for doing so.  We process your data so that we are able to respond to enquiries you have made to us, and to contact you again when we think offers may be of interest to you.

We will only ever use your data for legitimate business purposes which may be transactional or marketing based.

You have the right to know what data we have relating to you, and how that data is stored.

You have the right for any data to be changed or removed from one or all of our systems.

Unless you contact us to request that your data is removed, you may continue to receive communications from us which we believe are suitable for your business and may be of interest.

Please note we cannot remove your data from social media channels, third party web sites or any other (external) means you may have used to contact us or communicate with us.

For all enquiries relating to this, please contact craig@morganleyzan.com