Equipment Marketing

Ideal for complex, niche or high value construction equipment assets and cranes. Capitalise on our knowledge, contacts and global market penetration. Choose whether you require full market exposure including over 200,000 opted in email subscribers and a significant social media following, or more discreetly the benefit of our closer circle of contacts.

 Either way, we can sell, and we also offer a guarantee of export in most cases, particularly effective where owners would prefer equipment not to be sold within the area of their own operations.


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Auction Management

As far back as 1999, we have been delivering for buyer and seller alike in the construction equipment and crane auction arena. No matter which route to auction matches your specific requirements, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen from initial entry through logistics, organisation and valuation to marketing and orchestration positioning your inventory in front of a global audience of buyers.

Branded auctions put your name in lights not ours, encompassing everything that is great about your company, your fleet, and the standards you operate to.

We work collaboratively with clients to determine their needs and develop a strategy that meets and exceeds expectations. For over 25 years our team has provided operators, hirers, financiers and traders with motive power solutions for their business


Focussed on motive power assets across the lifting, road haulage and construction industries, we offer in depth market research and equipment procurement advice and implementation. Whatever additions you are looking to make to your fleet, we have a lifetime of experience to quickly determine what the market has to offer, giving you the time to focus on your core business. 

We will work with your team to establish the correct specification for your particular application, and negotiate on your behalf through to the point of delivery.


Appraisal of cranes and equipment


Where-ever your requirements are, we provide world-wide inspection and appraisal services for all motive power including cranes, trucks, powered access, rail and construction equipment assets. Valuations and fleet appraisals in the United Kingdom, or overseas with both “desktop” and “jobsite” options available for a range of applications including accounting, finance verification, fleet assessment, auction measure up, fleet disposals, mergers and acquisition.

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